The story of elves is in many ways tied up in the story of men in these lands. To the southeast of the continent the campaign is taking place on is an archipelago known to men as Elfhome, though elven settlement there is relatively recent. Elves came to there from a continent to the southwest, and from there they came from the Otherworld of the fey. However, the so-called high elves have lived there for many centuries now, ruling over a series of city-states until a wood elven conqueror unified them. The unified kingdom is now the core territory of the rump empire (sort of an elf Byzantine Empire).

The Empire was formed by a city-state of humans influenced by elven culture. Indeed many of the upper class was formed by half-elves or humans with elven ancestry. This spread of elven culture had been started by the wood elven conqueror, himself an admirer of his high elven brethren. It started as a confederation of allied city-states and kingdoms, then began expanding through military conquest, often by annexing those they defeated when coming to their allies aid. Eventually there was born an ambitious leader who claimed to be descended from the elven gods (not an uncommon assertion, but credible given his accomplishments). He led the armies of the Empire through many victories and was eventually granted the title of Emperor through the backing of the clergy.

Strictly speaking there was no dynasty per se, since succession was elective, but his family managed to remain influential and produced many more emperors (and empresses since succession since unlike many human kingdoms succession is absolute cognatic). Indeed they established a dynasty when the remnants Empire eventually came under primogeniture succession after the fall.

Eventually the fall did come, but while it was a result of the invasion of the continent by hordes of goblins and troll-kind, it was actually brought about directly by humans. The men of the east fled to the west where they came into conflict with the Empire. As a matter of necessity they fought and eventually came to rule the heartlands of the Empire. But the elves remained independent and even held onto some of their holdings in the east

Drow exist in the world of the Temple of the Underworld, but are not well known. Legends exist of evil black-skinned elves, but this is the only source of knowledge most have of dark elves. Thus while reactions to drow will generally be negative few, if any will have personal grudge against them.


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